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INCIDEIntegrated Circuit Design for Signal Processing
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Dennis Smith, general coordinator of the Latin American Center for Pastoral Studies, whose office shares the same floor as the Casas Center, said the recent intrusions "indicate a concern by both the military and political authorities about the possibilities for a broad-based and articulate civil society." He said Cu and INCIDE "are seriously trying to put before the public a different way of looking at Guatemala's deep-seated problems."
To cS incide with the Liverpool Women's 10K run on Sunday May 10, The ECHO has teamed up with the Swiss confectioner, Ricola, to search for a reader who has trained exceptionally hard this year and deserves to win pounds 1,000 to go to the charity of their choice.
was knifed in the chest in the incide it inside Yates's Wine Loxlge in Corporation Street.