INCIIDInterNational Council on Infertility Information Dissemination
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The From INCIID the Heart program will help eliminate the barrier preventing many couples from having children, bypassing the need for coverage," says Nancy Hemenway, INCIID Founder and Executive Director.
Would-be parents interested in participating in From INCIID the Heart can visit INCIID's website at www.
More information on From INCIID the Heart, including information on how persons may apply to participate in the program, is located on INCIID's website at: www.
From INCIID the Heart is a new program established to assist infertile couples who are trying to build a family.
From INCIID the Heart will select worthy couples (without insurance coverage for fertility treatment) to receive donated IVF cycles.
They must provide a letter of referral by a qualifying physician confirming IVF treatment to be medically indicated and they must provide INCIID with proof of income and wages with documentation (tax returns, pay stubs etc).
INCIID relies on tax-deductible contributions from individuals, businesses, and foundations for its support.