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INCISIntegrated National Crime Information System (New Zealand)
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The INCIS project, which began in 1994 with a $58m budget, was supposed to cut down on the numbers of administration staff and provide better, faster document access to frontline police.
The INCIS project, which kicked off in 1994 with a NZ$98m ($58m) budget and a two-year timeframe, was supposed to be a document management project which would cut the number of administration staff in the New Zealand Police and provide more and faster information to frontline police.
But last week after five years of working on INCIS and a NZ$40m ($24m) cost overrun IBM pulled its staff off the project saying that since it started it has suffered from "serious mission creep." Birch said that both the New Zealand branch of IBM and the parent company will be named in the suit that alleges breach of the 4,000 page contract.
IBM managers told the New Zealand government that the company would not honor its contractual obligations to carry out further work on the computer system dubbed INCIS.