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INCITEInnovative and Novel Computational Impact on Theory and Experiment (US Department of Energy Office of Science)
INCITEAssociação Portuguesa para a Gestão da Informação (formerly Desenvolvimento da Informação Científica e Técnica)
INCITEInterNet Control and Inference Tools at the Edge (Scientific Discovery through Advanced Computing; US Department of Education initiative)
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Besides this, we also came to know that to win these two by-election seats, TMC will try to incite violence on May 20."
Detective Superintendent Mike West said the force has been monitoring the increase in the number of videos that incite violence since September 2015.
The communications modules of INCITE will fully immerse associates with branded, highly engaging video that brings brands and products to life, while verifying employees' interaction with content and providing KPI-driven training and communications data.
The IPW acquisition allows BDCI to capitalise on synergies through the alignment of production operations in Incite's manufacturing facilities.
The lawsuit argued that before the 25 January Revolution in Egypt, foreign intelligence services used social networks "to ignite demonstrations and incite acts of violence, murder, and torching public and private property".
Incite LED Media is providing Digital Display Vendor Funding as a signature note off balance sheet, not a lease.
Now, if a mere cartoon might INCITE someone to have a shit-fit, then, according to Geraldo, the cartoon is not free speech with the implication it is not protected.
The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) had refused to run the ads, which had been scheduled to run for a full month, claiming it feared they could incite "violence and terrorism".
Nielsen (NYSE: NLSN) and NM Incite said they have bought SocialGuide, a provider of social TV measurement, analytics and audience engagement solutions.
Ministers have said the key Threatening communications issue is whether the offensive behaviour is likely to incite public disorder.
"Communities in London and other cities in England have been outraged at the disgraceful scenes of destruction and looting that they have witnessed and we are sure that communities here would be just as horrified to think that anyone was trying to incite similar acts of mindless criminality.
Osama bin Laden's dead pictures shouldn't be released because it will incite violence and be used as a recruitment tool by al-Qaeda.