INCLLIntuitionistic Non-Commutative Linear Logic
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The stages of reduction will be considered in the following varieties of Ingria: Ingrian Finnish (FiI; a part of South-Eastern Finnish dialects, see Kettunen 1930), the Soikkola (InS) and Lower Luga (InLL) dialects of the Ingrian language (Northern, Central and Southern varieties of Lower Luga Ingrian will be referred to as InNLL, InCLL, InSLL respectively), the Luutsa variety of the Western Votic dialect (VoL), and the mixed Siberian Ingrian/ Finnish variety of the Ry[]kovo village (FiRyz).
For example, [na-izikko] (VoL) 'woman:NOM' (Viitso 1961 : 146), [na*peri ~ na*per] 'neighbor:NOM' (InCLL).
Table 6 General evolutionary scheme of the non-initial vocalic length contrast, as indicated from the Finnic varieties discussed in the paper *kana *kana *linna 'city/ 'hen:NOM' 'hen:PRT' fortress:PRT' kana ~ kana Fi kana Fi linna Fi [down arrow] [??] [down arrow] kana ~ kana kanna linna InS VoL (partly), InS [down arrow] Es [??] [??][down arrow] kana ~ kana kanna = linna FiSK, InS, InLL, FiSK, FiI, VoL, FiRyz, Es InNLL, InCLL, VoL (partly) [down arrow] kanna = linna InSLL, FiRyz *kana *linna 'city/ 'hen:NOM' fortress:NOM' kana ~ kana Fi linna Fi [down arrow] linna ~ linne (but loss in certain [down arrow] morphemes, e.g.