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INCLUSiveIntegrated Clustering, Upstream Sequence Retrieval (software suite)
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Still haunted with the idea that not one of the past incidents, inclusive of Judge Pyncheon's visit, could be real, the recluse of the Seven Gables murmured in her brother's ear,--
The conversation became inclusive, and presently other footsteps were heard crossing the room below.
In fact, from the origin of things down to the fifteenth century of the Christian era, inclusive, architecture is the great book of humanity, the principal expression of man in his different stages of development, either as a force or as an intelligence.
Garth delivered this awful sentence with much majesty of enunciation, and Letty felt that between repressed volubility and general disesteem, that of the Romans inclusive, life was already a painful affair.) "Now, Ben."
The clothes of this gentleman were much bespeckled with flue; and his shoes, stockings, and nether garments, from his heels to the waist buttons of his coat inclusive, were profusely embroidered with splashes of mud, caught a fortnight previously--before the setting-in of the fine weather.
Inclusive is when all people have same platform and work collaboratively to enhance growth.
High-level government officials and executive managers from inclusive businesses, intermediary and international organisations and other public and private stakeholders attended the forum.
Through the close cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Science of Tajikistan, Hisor City Department of Education, AAR Japan aims at supporting the current efforts of the government of the Republic of Tajikistan for Inclusive Education, defined in the 'National Conceptual Framework for the Inclusive Education of Children with Disabilities in the Republic of Tajikistan for the period from 2011 to 2015', approved by the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan on April 30, 2011 (No.228).
The slim volume catalogues a multi-year journey exploring inclusive growth through the lenses of research projects and living case studies conducted at Singapore Management University in partnership with the Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth.
One of the distinctive features of Inclusive Wealth is, as the term suggests, the simultaneous incorporation of various types of wealth.
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