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INCOGIndian Nations Council of Governments (Tulsa, OK)
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According to EPA, the INCOG initiative, conducted during 2003 and 2004, sponsored pollution-reduction classes at Tulsa-area high schools, as well as competitions that challenged students to carpool, bike, walk or ride the bus to school.
Incog, famous for their weird Twisted Metalseriesandthe fun War of the Monsters, havetaken their off-the-planet ideas and applied them to cycles.
There Newton wrote "Artaxerxes and Euphrosyne, after the absquatulation of their pet daughter with the Irish nobleman incog., ...
INCOG has a contract with the city of Tulsa for short-term planning functions, including handling all requests for zoning and land division changes; and ensuring that rezoning requests, newly developed plans, and land use studies comply with the city of Tulsa's comprehensive plan, zoning code, and development guidelines.
When Tulsa started to show some exceedances, rather than do nothing, industry folks, INCOG and the city of Tulsa sat down together and worked through the concept that we have now.<br />"Although our local program started out with an economic focus, it is no longer simply that," she said.
referred to by other Black students as "incogs" [short for