INCPInternational Network on Cultural Policy
INCPInternational Network for Cultural Policy
INCPInternational Nephrology Centers Poland (est. 2000)
INCPIntelligent Network Control Plane (Elematics)
INCPInstitute of New Chemical Problems (Russia)
INCPInsoluble Noncollagenous Protein
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Called into being in 1998 by a Canadian minister, the INCP meets annually to brainstorm and to chew over learned papers.
The paper offers four financial models, including the "liberal" market model in which people spend their money on whatever they like; the INCP thinks such markets consist of "cultural products intended for mass consumption." The other models involve the state's spending the people's money on what official cultural arbiters like, either at the national level, at the local level, or through private foundations.
The INCP thus tiptoes up to an epiphany about the personal meaning that makes culture valuable to consumers.
The tnpR-strA-strB-IR region of pIP1203, which displayed a Tn5393-like organization, was flanked on both sides by sequences highly similar to portions of the broad-host-range IncP plasmid R751 (21).
However, the two strains differ in several aspects: they were isolated in two districts of Madagascar (Ambalavao and Ampitana) that are 120 km (80 miles) apart; strain 17/95 is of the typical ribotype B, whereas strain 16/95 is of the newly described, Madagascar-specific, ribotype Q (22); plasmid pIP1202 carries multiple antibiotic resistance genes, belongs to the Inc6-C group, and is 150 kb in size, whereas pIP1203 carries only the streptomycin resistance determinants, belongs to the IncP group, and is 40 kb in size; and streptomycin resistance is due to adenylylation of the drug in strain 17/95 and to phosphorylation in strain 16/95.
This portion of the element is inserted in R751, a broad-host-range plasmid belonging to the IncP group.