INCPAInterpretive Naturalist Certification Program of Alaska
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For example, the 2006 INCPAS case required students to analyze a model peer review process and determine how they could add value to the procedure while protecting the public interest.
For example, a recent INCPAS competition required students to research a current CPA firm model and make recommendations for the model of the future, which included looking at generational gaps, work-life balance, and billing (hourly vs.
The INCPAS competition requires students to prepare an extensive report, which is evaluated for the purpose of selecting the six finalists.
According to Andrew Eddmenson, a former INCPAS and IMA case study participant at USI, "Participation in the case study competition has given me the confidence and motivation to take on new challenges and responsibilities.
For example, two of the 2006 INCPAS case study members were selected for the only two internship positions offered by a regional firm.
A participant in the 2007 INCPAS case study and the 2008 IMA case study, Oglesby received a job offer with a local regional firm, Harding, Shymanski and Company, immediately upon graduation.
com/incpas to watch the Inside INCPAS: Episode 29 - Seventh Annual INCPAS Student Survey Results Revealed video with INCPAS President & CEO Gary Bolinger, CAE.
INCPAS serves the public interest as well as its members.
This blog allows our members and staff to share their views and expertise on relevant issues," said INCPAS President and CEO Gary Bolinger, CAE.
INCPAS members will receive a 10 percent discount on their total order for any public seminars (both live and online) purchased from IASeminars.