INCUInternational Network of Customs Universities (University of Canberra; Canberra, Australia)
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The questionnaire filled out was composed of three parts: i) sociodemographic aspects, ii) clinical information of the neonate (gestational age, weight, and days of hospital stay in NICU or INCU) and admission diagnosis), and iii) the CARE-Q instrument.
Optou-se pelo emprego do metodo comparativo de casos e pela pesquisa qualitativa, realizada em nove empresas de base tecnologica, as quais se encontravam incu badas ou que passaram recentemente pela fase de incubacao no Parque Tecnologico da cidade de Sao Carlos, estado de Sao Paulo, Brasil, as chamadas empresas graduadas.
Aeromonas species and IncU plasmids, which are ubiquitous in a wide range of environments, might therefore act as important vectors for transfer of plasmid-mediated quinolone resistance determinants (23).
The MCO-801C includes Sanyo's exclusive incubator technologies such as inCu saFe germicidal stainless steel interiors, an optional UV decontamination system, an infra red COI sensorwith P.I.D.
INTERMEDIATE INTENSIVE CARE UNITS (INCU) at hospitals around the country face similar circumstances every day: the constant struggle to balance patients needs with the hospital s need to operate profitably.
In attendance were representatives from 31 countries--students studying customs at the universities of Azerbaijan, Australia, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cambodia, China, Georgia, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Iran, Italy, Kazakhstan, Laos, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, the Philippines, Poland, Russian Federation, Senegal, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine, the United Arab Emirates, Uruguay, the US, Uzbekistan and Vietnam--as well as customs specialists and representatives of the World Customs Organization, INCU, BP and Easy Frontier.
Exclusive company inCu saFe copper enriched stainless steel interior surfaces provide constant germicidal protection against cross contamination among specimens or contaminants introduced during routine door openings.
in-(3) incu:dli:ce, instede, instepe 1 of (2) ofdu:ne 1, ofstede
The InCu SaFe copper-enriched stainless-steel interior surfaces assure constant germicidal protection, working in tandem with [H.sub.2][O.sub.2] technology.