INCVImprensa Nacional de Cabo Verde
INCVInstitut National des Cultures Vivrieres (Togo)
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where Income is the operating income before depreciation, (PACAP Item Inc5), Tax is the total income taxes (PACAP Item IncV) minus the change in deferred taxes from the previous year to the current year (PACAP Item Hkf17), Interests is the gross interest expense on short- and long-term debt (PACAP Item Hkf40), and Dividends is the total dollar amount of dividends declared on common stock (PACAP Items Mkt1, Mkt2).
at 1400; see also Citigroup Global Mkts., Incv. Bacon, 562 F.3d 349, 355 (5th Cir.
Everything was in place with the exception of the star pupils, the students of the Instituto Nacional Central de Varones, Central National Institute of Boys (INCV), who refused to participate in this extravagant welcome.
Icahn Partners LP v Lions Gate Entertainment Corp, 2011 BCCA228at para 83,333 DLR(4th) 257 [Icahn] (in denying an oppression remedy claim, the Court noted "this was not a closely-held company in which family members or quasi-partners had built up an 'understanding' or 'compact' leading to a reasonable expectation that the Company's interests might be subordinated to family or personal considerations" citing 820099 Ontario Incv Harold E Ballard Ltd, [1991] OJ no 266 at 184-91,3 BLR (2d) 113(CtJ (GenDiv)) [Ballard]).