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INDCInternational Nuclear Data Committee
INDCInternational Conference on Information Networks and Data Communication
INDCIdaho Nonprofit Development Center (Boise, ID)
INDCConference on Information Networks and Data Communications (International Federation for Information Processing)
INDCIraqi National Dialogue Council (political party)
INDCInternational No Diet Coalition
INDCInternordic Development and Consulting (Sweden)
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The process for the PH INDC took at least 10 months of consultations that started with government agencies, several workshops for the use of the international tools and methodologies as well as meetings with the private sector and civil society.
INDCs indicate the climate actions a pledging country intends to take.
And at the same time, expects that the developed countries would mobilize adequate funding and technology transfer to enable the developing countries to achieve INDCs, the climate change secretary Arif Ahmed Khan said.
More than 70 governments have so far submitted their INDCs, which will form the backbone of a universal climate pact to be forged at a November 30-December 11 United Nations conference in the French capital.
Ahmad said that expected outcomes, however, of the work include progressive sensitization of key Stakeholders within the Government of Pakistan to INDCs and the benefits and costs they may lead to a more ambitious and comprehensive INDC submission is made by the GoP than would otherwise be the case, leading to more support for climate compatible development within Pakistan.
While our INDC is conditioned on the availability of financial resources to pursue technology development and transfer, and development of human capacity and skills, strategies to achieve the mitigation commitments are already espoused in both the 2017-2028 National Climate Change Action Plan (NCCAP) and the 2017-2022 Philippine Development Plan (PDP).
At the end of September, the Philippine INDC will be submitted to the UNFCCC.
However, the current INDCs will only total a decrease of 2.
In its INDC, the Philippines has committed to reduce its carbon emissions by 70 percent by 2030 while maintaining a business as usual scenario from 2000 to 2030.
As well as the impact on per capita emissions, the report shows that INDCs are expected to slow emissions growth by approximately a third for 2010-2030 compared to the period 1990-2010, delivering emission reductions of around 4Gt by 2030 compared to pre-INDC scenarios.
The INDC demonstrated progression from the deviation from business as usual form of commitment made in Copenhagen to the peak, plateau and decline greenhouse gas emissions trajectory range outlined in our National Climate Change Response Policy.
The INDC is, thus, an important document that we must understand, especially if we have not participated in its formulation, and act on-for the good of our businesses, our country, and others in this planet earth that we all live in.