INDECOIndustrial Development Corporation
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Caption: 1 The Ardhanarishvara created by Rajan, housed in the Indeco Resort at Swamimalai as part of its Folk Museum featuring antique objects of utilitarian and "exotic" nature.
Specifically designed and built to accommodate a wide variety of tractor loader backhoes as well as 7- and 8-ton excavators for trench-digging and back-filling applications, the new Indeco IHC-70 Series meets the demands of construction professionals for greater jobsite productivity through increased carrier flexibility, It combines powerful trench compaction technology with optimized vibratory force and speed to deliver superior performance and tighter material moving with drastically reduced air voids.
aACoeWhat is really the new rationale for resurrecting the defunct INDECO - an omnibus monopoly that played a significant role in driving our country from a potentially wealthy nation to a nation saddled with unprecedented socio-economic malaise?
For more than 37 years, JESCO has supplied contractors and municipalities in New Jersey and the New York metro area with Deere, Hitachi, Bomag, Hypac, Indeco, Genesis, Hydrema, Cleaire, LeeBoy and Rosco equipment.
Gold Sponsors: Kooheji Contractors, Arepro (For Architectural and Engineering Products), Al Ghanah Contracting, Sun International Company, Suha Travel and Tours, Indeco (for Interior Decoration).
Indeco North American has introduced a new line of breakers, the High Performance (HP) Series, which offers numerous technological advancements, including light weight and hydraulic efficiency and a new product design featuring slim line structure and protective casing.
Indeco has also increased the hydraulic efficiency of the HP breaker line by enhancing the intelligent variable speed and power system that automatically senses the hardness of the material being broken.
Cable-maker Indeco attributes its spectacular net-income growth to taking advantage of market opportunities and "permanently worrying" about cost cutting, inventories and debt, as well as controlling customer credit lines.
Between 1968 and 1970, he holds the positions of chairman and chief executive on INDECO, Managing Director of ZIMCO, and permanent secretary at the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Mines (often holding more than three positions simultaneously).
Patrick and Mieke Senior run a company called Indeco that makes small objects such as spoons, coffee mills, and pepper grinders in native timbers.
BCS Consultants for Development and Environment, Euro infrastructure SA, INDECO SA (2000),