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Sarkomlar tum malin tumorlerin %1'ini, tum malin genitouriner tumorlerin ise %5'inden azini olustururlar.
Framers often only hear about the negative sides of working with designers, said Inden, rather than how to make the most of what this part of the market has to offer.
Vertoogh, hoe nootwendich, nut ende profijtelick het sy voor de Vereenighde Nederlanden te behouden de Vryheyt van te handelen op West-Indien, inden vrede metten Coninck van Spaignen.
Of the three other Rhenish mines, (Garzweiler, Inden and Bergheim), the last-named is nearing depletion, with extraction expected to be completed in 2000.
If Edward Said's Orientalism (1978) detailed the elaborate ways that coercive presentations of the Orient paved the way for Western dominance in that region, Ronald Inden's Imagining India (1990) takes that thesis one step further by focusing more closely on India and examining the orientalist representations that have dogged its history.
Hence, in the preface (and in the bibliography) we encounter the familiar names of Edward Said, Ashish Nandy, and Ronald Inden, of Judith Butler, Gayatri Spivak, Chandra Mohanty, and others.
EADS boss Dr Werner Inden said: "Space tourism is, at best, 20 to 30 years away.
Heesterman (the "conundrum" of kingship and the brahman-king dyarchy in classical Sanskrit texts), Ronald Inden (the cyclic alternation between the king's ritual and political sovereignty according to early "medieval" Sanskrit texts, especially the Visnudharmottarapurana), Toshikazu Arai (the contrast between Jaina and Hindu kingship in Merutunga's fourteenth-century Jaina Prabandhacintamani), Burton Stein (the Pallavas' adoption of the Jaina ideal of the moral king as opposed to the warrior king of the Tamil puram poetry), Brenda E.