INDEPAInstituto Nacional de Desarrollo de Pueblos Andinos, Amazónicos y Afroperuanos (Spanish: Institute for Development of Andean, Amazonian and Afro-Peruvians; Peru)
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The study was reviewed and approved by the research committee for the Kugapakori Nahua Nanti reserve protection area, belonging to INDEPA, but did not go through the Ethics Committee, because at that time and place, the ethics committee were not yet available; on the other hand, anonymity was preserved.
The video shows indigenous tribes interacting with Indepa workers and a series of rustic huts made from palm leaves and cane.
The video - which was presentation at the National Museum and viewed by various government representatives - shows indigenous tribes interacting with Indepa workers.
1, 2007, (discussing a critical meeting involving INDEPA and protection of the