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INDEXInnovative-Technology Demonstration Experiment (satellite)
INDEXInstitute for Nanoelectronics Discovery and Exploration (Albany, NY)
INDEXInstitutional Data Exchange
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I meekly fished it out of the index finger of my glove and poked it in the box.
His blue eyes sparkled and flashed, his clean-cut mobile features were an index to his slightest shades of feeling and expression.
Each index is based on the aggregation of the prices of the individual publicly traded stocks, converted to U.
The inventory price index computation (IPIC) is a sub-election of dollar-value LIFO.
I could not believe the article "Inscrutable Index Funds" (JofA, Jan.
In the world of mutual funds, one where there are endless choices and innumerable investment styles, index funds remain amazingly uncomplicated.
Our research has shown complex relationships between formulation variables like water level, solid polymer content and TDI index and resulting properties like density, hardnesses, mechanical properties and fatigue (ref.
After all, movements in the general price index will certainly influence their anticipated future payments, and indexed debt represents an asset that at least keeps pace with the price index.
Generally, the IPIC regulations allow taxpayers to compute an inventory price based on selected consumer or producer price indexes that the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) prepares and publishes monthly in the Consumer Price Index Detailed Report (CPI) or Producer Prices and Price Indexes (PPI).
The nonfinancial performance index proposed in this article derives its mechanism from a technique the authors called the objectives matrix approach.