INDMInstant Nonfat Dry Milk
INDMIntegrated Natural Disaster Management (conference)
INDMInfants Born to Narcotic Dependent Mothers (pediatrics)
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The progression rate of INDM is a subject for future investigation.
The progression rate from INDM [multifocal indefinite for dysplasia] to a high-grade lesion would then have been 0 of 6 instead of 1 of 7.
There is certainly a chance that the only case of INDM that progressed to high-grade dysplasia/esophageal adenocarcinoma (HGD/EAC) could have been instead classified as negative for dysplasia (ND) or low-grade dysplasia (LGD).
Although there is a substantial empirical literature on health plan choice in which the choice sets analyzed range from choice among a set of HMOs, between HMOs and INDM plans, or choices that include HMOs, PPOs, and INDM plans, there is relatively little empirical literature that directly examines consumer choices of health plans as preferences or attitudes towards specific restrictions on providers, access to specialists, and other processes of medical care provision.
5 with the first bundle corresponding to the no restrictions plan (bundle 1), roughly the INDM plan, acting as the benchmark.
For example, while PCP signup generally distinguishes HMOs and POS plans from PPOs and INDM plans, such plans are also more likely to use copays as the cost-sharing mechanism, rather than deductibles and a coinsurance, which are common mechanisms for PPOs and INDM plans.
By contrast, 1 of 7 patients (14%) with INDM, 2 of 21 patients (10%) with LGD, and 1 of 7 patients (14%) with LGDM progressed to HGD or EAC.