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INDOIntermediate Neglect of Differential Overlap
INDOInstituto Nacional De Oncologia (Spanish: National Institute of Oncology; Montevideo, Uruguay)
INDOIrish National Darts Organisation (Ireland)
INDOInitial National Demand Out-Turn
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Experts say China reads 'Indo Pacific' word play as a containment strategy and the Chinese have immediately jumped into calling the Indo US alliance as a containment strategy because that's the easy way to knock it down.
We are one of the preferred suppliers of the retailer," says Anil Kumar Jain, the 63-year-old Executive Chairman of Indo Count.
President Director of PT Indo Kordsa Tbk, Nuri Duzgoren explains, "The second factory covers an area of 24,000 hectares with production capacity of 18 kilotons of tire cord and 14 kilotons of polyester yarn.
V P Mahendru, CMD, Indo Asian Fusegear Limited, said,
However, despite the efforts the current economic situation and the bad performance of the optical sector hindered Indo from disposing of the two firms.
The board of Indo Asian Fusegear said in a separate statement that it had approved the sale of the unit to Legrand for INR4.
Following the North Korean attack on South Korea in June 1950, France adopted the argument that Communist activities in Indo China were part and parcel of an overall communist strategy to topple non-communist governments.
The stock's performance has also meant that Indo Count Industries has made a comeback into the exalted BT 500 after 22 long years.
Indonesian Vice President Jusuf Kalla, speaking at the opening ceremony this morning, said the INDO DEFENCE 2014 exhibition is not only critical for defense purposes, but would prove vital to the nation's economy.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-15 February 2010-CRISIL rates Indo Unique Flame's bank facilities at BBB/P3+(C)1994-2010 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
Its Indonesian subsidiaries including Indo-Bharat Rayon (in rayon fiber), PT Elegant Textiles Industry, PT Indo Liberty Textiles, PT Sunrise Bumi Textiles (producers of rayon fiber and polyester) and PT Indo Raya Kimia (carbon disulphide) contributed more than US$ 600 million in income last year.