INDPIntercultural Network for Development and Peace (India)
INDPIndustrial Production
INDPIndian Nursing Diploma Program (Saskatchewan, Canada)
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In the CV protocols after 1997, the local INDP was included in that list of organizations.
ACP African, Caribbean, and Pacific Group of States CFP Common fisheries policy CV Cape Verde EC European Community FPA Fisheries partnership agreement ICCAT International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas ILO International Labour Organization INDP National Fisheries Development Institute of Cape Verde NGO Nongovernmental organization RFMO Regional Fisheries Management Organization STP Republic of Sao Tome e Principe UNCLOS United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea VMS Vessel monitoring system
This number seems excessive in comparison to the figure for 2005, which results from a survey conducted by the INDP in all fishing communities in CV.
The log marginal likelihood difference between INDP and BSP is 44.
On the other hand, the INDP model does the best job of matching inflation persistence.
While the BSP and INDP models display a positive, hump-shaped response of output to a technology shock, typical of sticky-price models, the introduction of sticky wages delivers a negative response of output to technology shocks.
where INDP is industrial output, CAPR, NMER, SEROL, INF, MXLR, OPNES, and GDP, are the ratio of stock market capitalisation to GDP, the ratio of non-military expenditure to GDP, school enrolment, inflation rate, maximum lending rate, openness to international trade, and gross domestic product, respectively.