INDPIntercultural Network for Development and Peace (India)
INDPIndustrial Production
INDPIndian Nursing Diploma Program (Saskatchewan, Canada)
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1: Results of the market exit models of Slovenian firms 1995-2000 Dependent variable ME Logit Logit-rare Logit-rare events events (backward elimination) INTE -2.512 -2.469 INCE -9.386 (a) -9.322 (a) -9.886 (a) INDSO -0.001 0.001 (c) INDPO 0.016 (a) 0.015 (a) 0.016 (a) INDP 0.203 0.203 0.245 (b) INDIS -0.016 (b) -0.014 (c) -0.015 (c) EXQR 0.004 0.008 (b) EXROE -11.343 (a) -11.790 (a) -11.372 (a) EXROA EXBEP 0.001 0.028 (a) EXROS DEFL -0.003 0.003 (b) DESIZE1 -3.7E-11 1.2E-08 DESIZE2 ENNACE2 dummy set yes yes yes ENREG dummy set yes yes yes Constant -3.297 (a) -3.284 (a) -3.651 (a) Log-likelihood -1,742.95 -1,764.54 LR %2 237.04 193.87 AIC 3,601.9 3,551.1 BIC 4,046.1 3,635.3 p-value 0.000 0.000 No.
The INDP file provides incident details from follow-up interviews with patients and witnesses.
An autonomous state body, the National Fisheries Development Institute (INDP, Instituto Nacional de Desenvolvimento das Pescas), carries out scientific work, as well as development initiatives in the sector, the latter predominantly addressing problems of small-scale fisheries.
In the INDP model, while we maintain [[theta].sub.w] and [alpha] equal to zero, we choose a prior uniform distribution between 0 and 1 for the price indexation parameter, w.
As expected, the INDP coefficient is effectively zero in both models.
Labour: 226 Conservative: 162 Didn't vote: 65 Ukip: 54 Lib Dem: 48 Prefer not to say: 36 Green: 35 Indp: 2 Will you vote in the 2017 General Election?
For the 1996 and 2001 Censuses, Industry (INDP) was classified according to the Australian and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification (ANZSIC) (ABS Catalogue 1292.0) (465 classes).
In the Lower Valley area the following are candidates: Brighouse: Howard Blagbrough (Con); Danny Murphy (Indp): Jennie Rigg (LibDem); Anthony Rutherford (Lab) Colin Stout (Indp and current councillor) Nick Yates (UKIP).