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INDRISInland Navigation Demonstrator of River Information Services
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I ask Gunton if, should the species extinction situation gets worse, we will ever see indri fleeing from deforestation, or elephants running from poachers instead of their natural carnivores, or harvest mice from combine harvesters--all readily visible human impacts that are usually avoided in the series.
There is a serious documentary series to be made that deals with that type of content, however, at the moment, we've kept that directness outside of the Planet Earth brand.' Nonetheless, in the days their episodes were aired, Google searches for 'Christmas Island red crab', 'indri' and 'hawksbill turtle' rocketed.
Caption: LEFT: The indri was a major find for the BBC's Natural History Unit 50 years ago Planet Earth II saw it return to our screens; ABOVE: online searches for Christmas island red crabs went up dramatically following their appearance