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Desire with thee still longer to converse Induc'd me.
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Comparison of induc tion motor field efficiency evaluation methods.
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(796; II, 34) "I'll not budge an inch," Shakespeare, The Taming of the Shrew, Induc., 14
Much of his critique is intent on exposing Addison's failure to observe, or at least to observe appropriately, the Aristotelian rules, but a part of his invective is reserved for the proud and cowardly Cato: "We are enclin'd to believe, that it was rather a Mixture of Pride and Ignorance, than any Degree of Heroick Virtue, that induc d Cato to be his own Destroyer." (17) Dennis's denunciation of Cato seems to respond both to Addison's particular realization of the character but also to a degree of ambivalence with which the historical figure was received in the English Augustan era, one that seems to me at odds with the serene assurance of some modern critics that "Cato was greatly admired throughout the eighteenth century." (18)
Conversely, when the economy contracts, labor costs in the economy will tend to fall, induc ing a downward movement in the economy's overall price level.
These studies suggest that exposure of Arabidopsis leaves to silver nitrate induc ed the movement of a signal that resulted in increased peroxidase activity.
(NASDAQ: MIDD) TODAY has acquired the assets of Chinese induction cooking equipment maker Induc Commercial Electronics Co., the company said.