INDUSIInduktive Zugsicherung (train control system for German and Austrian railways)
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manufacture and supply of train protection systems pzb90 / indusi i60r for bb traction vehicles series stw 8073 acc.
Two locomotive balises of type LLC0512 (one each on every side of the vehicle) are used to collect data on signals along the railway line with the existing INDUSI system.
The basic part of the INDUSI auto-stop system accommodates modules for power supply (converter), module for frequency generation GAP0512, module for input and display of data MFM2c, input/output logistic unit EFA15 with the flash memory card for recording of data and signals in the auto-stop system.
Indusi uses the software program to give her courseware a more creative, yet challenging, edge.
Contract notice: Pzb 90 / indusi i60r for rail-mounted trolley.
Products will be purchased using in plant type INDUSI control punctual railway train speed indication signs according to CFR.
Procurement Repairs are Performed at Track Inductors Used in the Facility for Automatically Controlling Train Speeds and Hitchhiking Type Indusi
Procurement Repairs are Performed to Track Inductors Used in the Facility for Automatically Controlling the Speed of Trains and Hitchhiking Type Indusi