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INDX token will grant investors and institutions access to Masternodes, DPoS and Staking yields.
The firm has also expanded the scope of its native INDX token, which currently pays a quarterly dividend, by adding two additional revenue generating asset classes: Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) and Staking.
In Diokno's first address as new central bank chief, he told participants of the INDX Summit that the BSP under his watch will continue to have an enabling regulatory environment for the expansion of the fintech and fintech-related industry.
In the event (1), the IBOV and IFNC; and the ICON, INDX, IMOB and IMAT fell down to the minimal return in the same day of 2014 (The first two on September 29th and the other four on December 1st).
Parse Individual INDX Record Entry Structure to get MAC Time.
####### allWeeks < split(cert_r4_2_dataset[cert_r4_2_dataset$user %in% usernames[i], ]$activity, cert_r4_2_dataset[cert_r4_2_dataset$user %in% usernames[i], ]$week) indx < sapply(allWeeks, length) #Convert the allWeeks variable into DataFrame.
Suppose that indX [greater than or equal to] n > (|G| - r)m, where [mathematical expression not reproducible].
Integrarao a carteira do INDX as acoes que tiverem sido emitidas por empresas classificadas em um dos subsegmentos do setor industrial com registro de negociacao na BM&F/Bovespa, forem uma das 150 acoes com maior indice de negociabilidade apurados nos doze meses anteriores a formacao da carteira, tiverem sido negociadas em pelo menos 70% dos pregoes ocorridos nos doze meses anteriores a formacao da carteira.
New Zealand agent for James Heal, Mike Connor of INDX presented the prize to Inter-weave, and in the style of an Oscar award event, a video of the presentation was played to guests at James Heal's 140th anniversary celebration.
Completing Intercept's full redesign of its suite of software applications for the EDA industry, its flagship product, Pantheon, now includes similar user interface features previously made available in its schematic design and library management tools, Mozaix and Indx.
Neurite fascicles were counted using a 1mm Indx grid (Tonbridge Graticules, Kent, UK) in the left and right, upper and lower quadrants of ganglia (Fig.