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INDYIndianapolis (Indiana)
INDYIndependent (as in independent or alternative music or films)
INDYIndiana Jones (Movie)
INDYInternet Direct
INDYUSS Independence
INDYIsland New Democratic Youth (Prince Edward Island, Canada)
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'There are little stories behind each of those individual issues and how they transpired, but you know, we didn't execute and therefore we didn't qualify for the Indy 500.'
Alonso, needing the Indy 500 to complete his quest of the Triple Crown, and an actual Formula One team went back to Europe.
"Indy is designed and priced to be the truly wireless product that fits perfectly into the aspirations of the Indian consumers," said Amlan Bhattacharjya, CEO at BrandEyes.
The new TAG Heuer Carrera - Indy 500 Special Edition is a pure demonstration of the avant-garde watchmaker's passion for the intensity and excitement of motor racing.
Second, the Indy looks more like a traditional set of in-ear headphones than not, sans the wires.
"Indy Car is so much more diverse in terms of having ovals, roads and street circuits.
"What I will remember most will be my first Indy 500 and God I hope I will remember my last one even more," Patrick told Reuters.
"It's Indy and we finally have bumping again and everyone was thrilled about it.
I still threw a flying disc for Indy and I still hiked with him, but I didn't let him get "over threshold"--the point at which a dog goes from showing no anxiety to showing signs of anxiety: panting, agitation, inability to focus, inability to settle.
Seb, the godson of fourtime IndyCar series champion and three-time Indy 500 champion Dario Franchitti, was ecstatic at the result.
Indy said: "We are offering tasty and healthy Indian hot and cold takeaway food.
The 35-year-old driver will miss the Formula One Grand Prix in Monaco on 28 May 2017, to run the Indy 500 instead.