INEBInternational Network of Engaged Buddhists
INEBImmigration and Nationality Enquiry Bureau (UK)
INEBInternationale Netzwerk Engagierter Buddhisten (German: International Network of Engaged Buddhists; est. 1989; Berlin, Germany)
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Instituto de Engenharia Biomedica (INEB), Universidade do Porto, Portugal.
Between 1991 and 2001, the community lost 33% of its residents (INEb, 2003), while 75% of residents were more than 24 years old in 2001 (INEb, 2003).
Hevyd na bo ineb arwain dwy gelvyddyd: megis Telynior nev grythor a ffrydyddiaeth nev achrefft arall nev brydydd yn of ac yn brydydd ac nabo i neb o athraw gymryd yn ddisgybl neb avv brentis igrefft ac na kyvrifol a ddysgol.
INEB (International Network of Engaged Buddhists) and the Sekhiya monks and nuns with our temple will continue our work to ease out the suffering of the people and in that process we hope it will provide us a better exercise to practice.
In 1992 a number of Buddhists in various countries, apparently dissatisfied with the level of discussion on these issues in the BPF and INEB (International Network of Engaged Buddhists), organized a Buddhist Social Analysis Group.
Trych- ineb, a dim byd arall, oedd derbyn cweir gan yr Ariannin.