INEELIdaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory
INEELIdaho National Engineering and Environment Lab (US Department of Energy)
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Ho (Purdue), Mickey Haynes (NIST), and Richard Jacobsen (INEEL).
"A main question [we considered] was, 'Why would someone want to get out of their car and into a shuttle bus?'" says Kerry Klingler, an INEEL engineer and project manager for the yellow bus program.
Contact: Steve Zollinger, INEEL, phone 208-526-9590, email
DOE said the successful demonstration follows secretary Abraham's recent announcement of a $2-million grant to Ceramatec, which is teamed with INEEL, the University of Washington and Riverton, NJ-based Hoeganaes Corporation to continue work aimed at lowering costs, increasing materials durability and improving efficiency of the solid oxide electrolyzer
The INEEL team isolated the catalase enzyme from T.
For example, the presence of a major airport in Idaho Falls can largely be attributed to the population growth and economic activity generated by the INEEL. To continue the example, the arrival of the airport in turn attracted distributors, shippers, and other types of economic activity that may well have located elsewhere.
While searching through Yellowstone National Park's hot spring pools for enzymes that could exist in extreme conditions, researchers Vicki Thompson, William Apel, and Kastli Schaller from the Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory, Idaho Falls, discovered a catalase that reacts with HR They found that the resulting INEEL Ultrastable Catalase Enzyme tolerates pH of 9 or higher, flourishes at 90 [degrees]C, and is active up to 360 hr m untreated process streams--a 86,400 times improvement over commercial competitors.
(Nasdaq: SUNW) have announced the development of a high performance computer cluster at the Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory (INEEL).
of Energy's Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory (INEEL) in Idaho Falls, Idaho, has led the development of a low-floor, 18- to 32-passenger vehicle that uses alternative fuel and complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).
Six teams competed in the 2003 AAAI Rescue Robot Competition: (1) Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory (INEEL), (2) Swarthmore College, (J) University of Manitoba (Canada), (4) University of New Orleans, (S) University of Rochester, and (6) Utah State University.
Maryland) Richard Hawryluk (PPPL) David Hill (LLNL) Amanda Hubbard (MIT) Grant Logan (LBNL) Earl Marmar (MIT) Michael Mauel (Columbia U.) Kathryn McCarthy (INEEL) Scott Parker (U.