INEIInstituto Nacional de Estadistica e Informatica (National Institute of Statistics and Information; Peru)
INEIIstituto Nazionale Espresso Italiano (Italian: Italian Espresso National Institute)
INEIInternational Network for Educational Improvement
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INEI data collected in 2011 found that 63% of the Peruvians who return to the country after spending time abroad come from Chile (34.
The National Statistics Institute, the INEI, blamed the economic downturn on "a contraction in external demand of 6.
En otras publicaciones como la del INEI sobre Migracion interna en el Peru (1995) se analiza la tendencia migratoria a traves de los periodos censales de 1972, 1981 y 1993.
Por ejemplo Chincha, Ica y Pisco, cuya poblacion conjunta segun los datos del INEI supera los 600 mil habitantes, podrian ser los pueblos piloto.
But J have to confess that they were either too inei.
Reuters quoted INEI as saying, "The figure appeared weak only because the corresponding figure a year ago-12.
For the Peruvian case, the only governmental policy document about e-government corresponds to the Computer Science's National Policy --PNI (4) (SNI, 2002), published at the beginning of 2002 by the INEI on behalf of the so called National System of Computer Science-SNP (5) (Bermudez, 2004), this function was developed by the INEI starting in 1990 under the legislative ordinance 563.
Segun las estimaciones de la Encuesta Nacional de Hogares realizada por el INEI a fines del ano 2001 (ENAHO 2001), en nuestro pais existen 14 millones 609 mil personas que viven en situacion de pobreza, dentro de las cuales 6 millones 513 mil se encuentran en condiciones de pobreza extrema.
The INEI estimate for evangelicals also includes nonevangelical groups such as the Mormons, Seventh-day Adventists, and Jehovah's Witnesses.