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For example, if a particular individual non-expert purchaser (or user) (designated "INEP" #1) decides to drive his car at the speed limit and the state of nature of heavy rain occurs, he may drive his car into a large and deep puddle of water on the roadway, and, as a result, his car may leave the roadway, crash into a tree, thereby breaking his leg.
(13) Expert testimony regarding INEP's expectations is seemingly inconsistent with the idea that INEP is the individual non-expert purchaser, contra Rosburg v.
INEP #1's Utility Matrix Action (A) SPr SPr SPr /State of ([SN.sup.1]) ([SN.sup.2]) ([SN.sup.3]) Nature (Heavy (Clear (Ice) SPr(SN Rain Day) [A.sup.1] U(O) (11) U(O) (12) U(O) (13) (Drive at (Bodily speed Injury) limit [A.sup.2] U(O) (21) U(O) (22) U(O) (23) (Drive slow [A.sup.3] U(O) (31) U(O) (32) U(O) (33) (Drive (Bodily (Bodily (Bodily fast Injury) Injury) Injury) Group Preference Profile INEP SPr (O | SN) Utility INEP#1 SPr (O | SN) U(O) INEP#2 SPr (O | SN) U(O) INEP#3 SPr (O | SN) U(O) INEP#4 SPr (O | SN) U(O) Etc.