INERISInstitut National de l'Environnement Industriel et des Risques (French: National Institute for Environmental Technology and Hazards)
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A census of databases collecting accident analyses of biogas production was conducted in 2011 by INERIS for the Ministry of the Environment in France.
(112.) Also created were the National Institute for Industrial Environment and Risks (INERIS) and the French Environment Institute (IFEN), with statistical monitoring duties.
The risk assessments commissioned INERIS (the French health risk evaluation unit, and RIVM (an independent Dutch agency) carried out in relation to waste collection and bird cleaning operations were handed in on March 8 to the French authorities.
Work by INERIS (France) continues to confirm the applicability of CFD to evaluate gob ventilation conditions.
The website provides 3-day air quality forecasts at the national and European levels produced by Ineris.
Brochot, Institut national de l'environnement industriel et des risques/French National Institute For Industrial Environment And Risks (INERIS); S.
Environmental USA Protection Agency (EPA) Bisson Michele Institut National de FRA l'Environnement Industriel et des Risques (INERIS) Calamandrei Gemma Istituto Superiore di ITA Sanita (ISS) Castelain Philippe Scientific Institute of BEL Public Health (WIV-ISP) Crofton Kevin U.S.
(1) Institut National de lEnvironnement Industriel et des Risques (INERIS), 60550 Verneuil-en-Halatte, France
* New NaTech Risk Analysis Method, resulting of the combination between QRA CONPRICI method and INERIS Bow Tie Method,
Co-ordinated by Ineris, the French national institute responsible for environmental risks, Metropolis brings together 38 institutes, universities, and enterprises from 17 countries, including CEN (the European Committee for Standardisation) and the Commission's Joint Research Centre.