INFACTInfant Formula Action Coalition
INFACTIrish National Federation Against Copyright Theft (Dublin, Ireland)
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Infact, they're so loveable and funny you'll want to take one home.
US, UK, France and China infact have the most supercomputers in the world.
It is infact a treatment which I have long desired, but never done - convinced it would take time, effort and lots of money.
The lost sales are taking their toll on legitimate businesses, particularly during the economic crisis, according to Infact. This, in turn, was costing jobs, he warned.
I would like to point out to these expo people that it is, however, quite sunny, infact almost all the time.
But when police, forensic and ambulance crews arrived at the scene, stunned staff explained the "body" was infact a mannequin, used to scare away the birds who steal their fish.
Infact, the courteous and efficient staff are one of the strengths of this hotel.
Of course we didn't know the company was on the verge of collapse and nobody in the company gave any hint of this and infact it was all upbeat at the time and the attitude was as if the company was on the up and up and doing really well.
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Infact all indications show that, both in terms of service rendered and performance, the airline has been doing just fine and taking the lead.
Infact, Crewe dominated possession for long periods, but failed to find a way through Forest's resolute defence.