INFISIndonesian Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Information System
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A neutrosophic set (abbr.NS) N infis an object taking the form [N.sub.NS] = {<x: [T.sub.N]([k.sub.i]), [I.sub.N]([k.sub.i]), [F.sub.N]([k.sub.i])>, k [member of] [xi]} (1)
Output: Frequent Itemsets, FIS; Infrequent Itemsets of interest, InFIS.
Input: database D; Frequent Itemsets FIS; Infrequent Itemsets InFIS; Minimum Support minsupp; Minimum Confidence minConf: threshold values; Output: Positive Association Rules (PARs); Negative Association Rules (NARs); / generating all association rules from FIS (Frequent itemsets).