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INFLInstitut National de Formation de la Librairie (French: National Institute for Bookstore Training)
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Table no.1 Results of ADF test Augmented Dickey-Fuller test results Variable ADF without trend ADF with trend Level 1st Difference Level 1st Difference LNGDP 1.235423 -3.885711 (*) -1.705049 -4.010241 (**) FDI -0.922319 -3.652481 (**) -2.250877 -3.557038 (***) INVST -1.348034 -4.534082 (*) -1.530506 -4.484602 (*) INFL -3.544064 (**) -- -3.5618 (***) -- OPEN -1.117684 -4.191753 (*) -1.430085 -4.199811 (**) Note: LNGDP, FDI, INVST, INFL and OPEN represent log of GDP, FDI (% of GDP), investment, inflation rate and trade openness, respectively.
A multiple linear regression was calculated to predict influence in mothers' purchasing behavior (INFL), from child to mother, based on ESP and LSP.
I dropped SG a pen.' PLPRC willed -V-ERG action INFL INFIX of V 8 GEO da-v-a- k'alami IXb/B gd-e V N.ABS.SG -v-ERG PST-l.ERG infix .SG-VERS- (activating gde-ABS willed action) In Basque no such case was identified.
INFL = f (RGDP, POIL, INV, MS, YAGR, [INFL.sub.t-1]) (1)
However, the thumb rule, according to most fi nancial planners, is that considering rising infl ation, the appropriate cover should be 10 times your annual income.
Addressing trade-related policies, we use two measures: (1) tradefreedom ranging from 0 to 100 and (2) the inflation rate (infl).
The small , having uninterpretable [uInfl, u] features, where Infl stands for inflection and stands for phi-features, which in most cases are the features of person, number and gender, merges with the VP, through Hierarchy of Projection Principle4, to form '.
The Ismailia National Company for Food Industries (INFL) aims to increase its sales by 25% by the end of the current fiscal year
* Autocracy has a negative infl uence on women's political empowerment.