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INFLIBNETInformation and Library Network
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INFLIBNET has received statistics from some of the publishers, and they indicate that the total number of downloads by the member universities was 305,530, out of which American Chemical Society (ACS) journals constituted 37.
An informatics lab was opened at the INFLIBNET center with state-of-the-art technology including wireless technology.
To overcome this problem, INFLIBNET identified six universities that have good collections (both macro and micro literature) and infrastructure.
In addition to these six libraries, the INFLIBNET center also provides document delivery services to the academic community.
INFLIBNET organizes programs for staff of various academic institutions in the automation of libraries, the use of e-journals subscribed to under consortia programs, and the development of databases.
Sivakumaren (2015) examined the Electronic Thesis and Dissertations (ETDs) deposited at INFLIBNET Shodhganga project by Indian Universities.
INFLIBNET is involved in modernizing university libraries in India and connecting them as well as the country's information centers through a nationwide high-speed data network using the state-of-the-art technologies for the optimum utilization of information.
Research activities at INFLIBNET include software development, networking, database development, library automation, and human resources development.
INFLIBNET has designated 22 libraries to fulfill ILL request from the users, affiliated to universities covered under UGC (INFLIBNET, 2011).
The university has communicated the range of IP to the INFLIBNET and in turn the IP's are passed on to the publisher so that the university can be provided with the access to the journals or database procured by the UGC under the consortia.
INFLIBNET (2011): "UGC-IINFONET Digital Library Consortium", available at http://www.