INFO OPInformation Operation
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The conference will contain four sessions: Session One will address EW/IO Operations and include briefings on Info Ops Contributions to ISAF by LTC Troy Littles, USA, MANW; EA-6B Ops in Support of Global War on Terrorism and RoW Threats by CAPT Chris Field, USN, NAS Whidbey; Multi-Service EW Support Group Support to NATO EW by CAPT David Goddall, UKN, NATO MEWSG; and New Role for an Old Discipline: EW/IO in New NATO Exercises.
On September 27, the Roost had as their speaker CAPT Winston Gould (USSTRATCOM/J3621), who discussed "A Report From The INFO OPS (10) Front.
Larry Gershwin, National-Intelligence Council) and Space Info Ops (MaJ Gen William Looney III, AF Space command).