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My medical diary informs me that I first saw the English Lord Montbarry, on November 17.
My intention was to inform Monsieur Laporte, through my husband, in order that Monsieur Laporte might tell us precisely what he taken place at the Louvre in the last three days, and whether there is any danger in presenting myself there.
But I," said D'Artagnan, "can go and inform Monsieur Laporte.
As D'Artagnan so constantly frequented the hotel, no difficulty was made in complying with his request, and a servant went to inform M.
But the wishes of Miss Magdalen Vanstone's eldest sister have claims on my consideration which I cannot dispute; and at her entreaty I inform you that all further proceedings on my part are withdrawn -- on the express understanding that this concession is to open facilities for written communication, at least, between the two sisters.
Elinor's thoughts were full of what might be passing in Berkeley Street during their absence; but a moment's glance at her sister when they returned was enough to inform her, that Willoughby had paid no second visit there.
However, the counselor is unsure of whether the student's behavior rises to the point that the student should be considered potentially at risk for suicide and whether to inform the student's parents.
The auditor is required to inform the audit committee about any uncorrected misstatements.
Inform the patient that he or she has an opportunity to rescind the request at any time, in any manner.
And although Hansen assumes that the desires of audiences affected film making, she does not provide us with an understanding of the market mechanism which would allow patrons' wishes to inform Hollywood production.
In what ways does the historical information regarding penal reform in the eighteenth century inform our understanding of Defoe's novel?