INFORMMInformation Network for Online Retrieval and Medical Management
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In 2001, she became the director of the Center for Medical Innovations and Technology Development at USM before becoming the director of INFORMM two years later.
Speaking to Arab News, Asma said INFORMM has been successful in adopting a closedcycle concept of research, development, commercialization and the setting up of knowledgebased spinoffs in one entity.
INFORMM's healthcare R&D targets include OIC member countries and other Asian developing and underdeveloped countries.
Asma believes that the IDB's cash award would support INFORMM's activities in producing sustainable diagnostics to treat burdensome infectious diseases in the poor countries.
His INFORMM system applications are set up in four separate divisions: administrative, clinical, financial and technical.
The INFORMM system is so well entrenched that Wagner and his I/S staff have been able to implement refinements that assess performance, incentivize productivity and encourage user feedback.
Wagner's team has reached out to its vast user community with what amounts to an electronic suggestion box, called "INFORMM US." It's an online function ready to accept user notes and comments.