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INFOWARInformation Warfare
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A third potentially disruptive effect of infowar on nuclear crisis management is that it may reduce the search for available alternatives to the few and desperate.
10, 2001) (representing that prior statements had been misinterpreted, but that German government will continue to seek ways to prevent extraterritorial neo-Nazi websites); Steve Kettmann, German Threat Raises Infowar Fear, WIRED NEWS, at http://www.
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Entegrity Solutions says that the recently publicised Infowar attack on Microsoft's corporate network illustrates that Information Warfare (IW) is being practiced against corporations that increasingly store their intellectual property and assets on corporate information systems.
InfoWar posts numerous articles each day on topics such as privacy, computer viruses, and espionage.
As the blood and iron of traditional war gave way to the bits and bytes of infowar, netwar and cyberwar, he saw the ICT as a vehicle for integrating the simulation and entertainment industries into this much-heralded "Revolution in Military Affairs.
First, it assists in determining when the United States may be entitled to exercise self-defense or some lesser form of sanctions against one who uses certain infowar techniques against the United States.