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INFPI Never Find Perfection (personality profile)
INFPIntroverted, Intuitive, Feeling and Perceptive (Myers-Briggs personality assessment)
INFPInstitute for Natural Family Planning (est. 1997; Marquette University; Milwaukee, WI)
INFPIntermountain Nurse Family Partnership (Colorado)
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The INFP student does not like to be overly criticized.
The most common personality type was ENFP (14%) remaining types showed INFP (12%), INTP (9.3%).
They need also to be aware that, in a culture shaped and dominated by ESFJ preferences, the INFP teacher may experience particular difficulty.
These are by four-letter abbrevations such as ESTJ or INFP which indicate that type's preference in each dichotomy and 16 types of personality are developed when these preference scales are combined in all possible combinations.
He reported that "the most common type was ENFP (16%), followed by ENTP (10%), INFP (9%), and INTP (9%)" (p.
For example, ESTJ is one personality type and the most different type from that is INFP.
The four MBTI types with the lowest creativity indices (ISTJ, ESTJ, ISFJ, ESFP) account for over 40 percent of our study participants whereas the four MBTI types with the highest creativity indices (INFP, INTP, ENFR, ENTP) comprise less than 20 percent.
Introver sion (I) Perceiving INFP INTP (P) Sensitive, caring, Logical, curious, idealistic, curious, detached, insightful, creative, visionary.