INFQIndoor Netball Federation of Queensland (Milton, Queensland, Australia)
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At the occasion, the Director General of INFQ, Isaac Paxe, informed the parliamentarians that they are working on the regulation of the Basic Education Law, the Statute of the Subsystem of Teachers and the Legal Regime on Teacher Training, which in their opinion will contribute to improving the functioning of the sector.
The INFQ performs quarterly monitoring of the goals of the projects developed by the institution and works on the characterization of the faculty to check the training needs of teachers, taking into account the generation of continuous knowledge.
Discriminant validity Constructs INFQ SQ RA SAT CMT Perceived information quality (INFQ) 0.839 Perceived system quality (SQ) 0.704 0.925 Perceived e-retailer's agility (RA) 0.706 0.717 0.852 Customer satisfaction (SAT) 0.326 0.535 0.480 0.830 Customer commitment (CMT) 0.562 0.362 0.401 0.192 0.798 Customer loyalty (LOY) 0.226 0.318 0.135 0.312 0.354 Constructs LOY Perceived information quality (INFQ) Perceived system quality (SQ) Perceived e-retailer's agility (RA) Customer satisfaction (SAT) Customer commitment (CMT) Customer loyalty (LOY) 0.816 Diagonal value: Sq.