INFRIndian National Finals Rodeo
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Estimate Error Statistic Level B.09 [right arrow] CUST -0.292 0.065 -4.502 0.000 C.12 [right arrow] CUST 0.141 0.063 2.239 0.025 A.02 [right arrow] INFR -0.157 0.063 -2.489 0.013 B.09 [right arrow] INFR -0.316 0.065 -4.840 0.000 B.10 [right arrow] INFR 0.191 0.063 3.013 0.003 B.09 [right arrow] ITRN -0.208 0.064 -3.274 0.001 B.09 [right arrow] LOGS -0.281 0.065 -4.351 0.000 B.10 [right arrow] LOGS 0.195 0.063 3.067 0.002 B.09 [right arrow] TIME -0.388 0.067 -5.808 0.000 B.10 [right arrow] TIME 0.210 0.064 3.305 0.001 C.11 [right arrow] TIME -0.195 0.063 -3.079 0.002 C.12 [right arrow] TIME 0.225 0.064 3.531 0.000 B.09 [right arrow] TRAC -0.252 0.064 -3.931 0.000 B.10 [right arrow] TRAC 0.221 0.064 3.467 0.001 Table A1.
Infrastructure (INFR) is proxied by an index that is computed as a weighted average of the three standardized indicators: length of railways in operation per one hundred square kilometers, length of highways per one hundred square kilometers, and capacity of mobile telephone exchanges per one thousand people.
First, as indicated in Section "Conceptual Framework", there is no consensus in the literature about the direction of causality between the exchange rate, GFCF, FDI flows, and economic INFR. Second, Hungary is not only a developing country, but a relatively small economy that has experienced significant structural and institutional change and opened itself to the West in a very short period of time.
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Department of Aerospace Systems, Infr. and Airports, Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, 28040 Madrid, Spain
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