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INFSO (Information Society) [infso D.4 Networked Enterprise & RFID / INFSO G.2 Micro & Nanosystems in co-operation with the rfid Working Group of the European Technology Platform on Smart Systems Integration (eposs)].
The SoDa database (SoDa Contract DG "INFSO" IST-199912245) provided the observed irradiance data used.
The meetings were chaired by the European Commission's Directorate General Information Society and Media (DG INFSO) and its institutional rules were laid down in the group's ToR (DG INFSO 2002a).
(2008): "Sources of financing and policy recommendations to Member States and the European Commission on boosting eHealth investment", eHealth Study, Empirica and Tanjent, Brussels, European Commission, DG INFSO and Media.
While DGs COMP, EMPL and REGIO are "good examples particularly worthy of note", so are DGs ECFIN, ESTAT, INFSO, MARKT and TREN, "which have a higher male appointment level in category A but have a proactive equal opportunities policy".
The interview of Robert MADELIN, Director General of DG Infso gives further insights on the reflections of the European Commission on the subject and the universality of broadband in the European Digital Agenda.
The Budgetary Control Committee's extraordinary meeting was initially intended to permit a series of hearings of senior officials, notably Peter Zangl, Director-General of DG InfSo and Head of the Task Force set up by the Commission to assist OLAF in its inquiries (see European Report 2792 for further details), Michel Vanden Abeele, the new Eurostat Director-General, Jules Muis, Director-General of the Internal Audit Service (IAS), and OLAF Director-General Franz Hermann Bruner.
Bio Intelligence (2008): Impacts of Information and Communication Technologies on Energy Efficiency, European Commission DG INFSO.
STUCKMANN Peter (2007): "FP 7 Consultation Meeting Future Mobile and Wireless Radio Systems: Challenges in European Research", EC DG INFSO.
The Court highlights the Directorate-Generals for Agriculture (DG Agri), the Information Society (DG InfSo), Employment (DG Empl) and Transport and Energy (DG TrEn).
The former Director-General of the DG for the Information Society (DG Infso), Robert Verrue of France, is expected to take over the DG for Taxation, the outgoing Director-General, with Michel van dan Abeele of Belgium being short of a jumping off point, unless the translation service fits the bill.