INGLIsrael Natural Gas Lines
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The collaboration with INGL demonstrates the Israeli government's support and commitment to the Karish-Tanin project, from which natural gas will flow to the Israeli market".
A language which they can connect their identity to, one capable of communicating the realities and values true to themselves--a language with terms that are neither espanol ni ingles, but both.
Para este trabajo se llevo a cabo una revision bibliografica de articulos cientificos, se utilizo Terminologia Anatomica Internacional, del ano 2001, publicada por la IFAA y la Sociedad Anatomica Espanola, con traduccion al espanol, ademas de la "International Anatomical Terminology", publicada por la FIPAT, en el ano 2011, correspondiendo unicamente a la traduccion en ingles de los terminos en latin.
X2 (Channel 5, tonight 7.35pm) UNSURPRISINGLY INGLY INGL there are a lot of X-Men movies floating around on TV this week in light of the new epic, but this is the best - an intelligent, thrilling, and superbly made fantasy adventure which features a great cast, including Alan Cumming, perfectly cast as the troubled, Teutonic Nightcrawl wl w er.
Thirty students from the Lower Level course (UPR INGL 3004) participated in this study.