INGUATInstituto Guatemalteco de Turismo (Guatemala)
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Many parties, such as the Ministry of Culture and Sports, and INGUAT as the major player in the areas of product development and tourism marketing, will be involved with the success of this project.
INGUAT is a decentralized independent governmental organization.
INGUAT, too, was on the march to substantiate Gautemala as the new Costa Rica of Central America for tourists looking for natural beauty plus the rich culture of Guatemala's 21 different indigenous groups.
We are confident that the new bill, supported by an ample political base, will be seen as an incentive by cruise companies that already do business in Guatemala, and make those who don't yet, to consider us in the future; it's another step forward in the right direction," said Roberto Robles, Director of INGUAT.
INGUAT, the Guatemalan Office of Tourism, brings national and international attention to Guatemala's tourism information through this medium by creating a renovated image full of color and a photo gallery with scenic pictures of Guatemala taken by the country's top photographers.
According to the INGUAT a study by the American Sportfishing Association (ASA) said there are 60 million anglers in the United States, which is larger than the 21 million who play golf or the 13 million who play tennis
The natural beauty and cultural beauty you see where 'Survivor' was filmed is available all over the country," said Daniel Mooney, director of INGUAT, the country's tourism agency.