INGUATInstituto Guatemalteco de Turismo (Guatemala)
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INGUAT is a decentralized independent governmental organization.
We are confident that the new bill, supported by an ample political base, will be seen as an incentive by cruise companies that already do business in Guatemala, and make those who don't yet, to consider us in the future; it's another step forward in the right direction," said Roberto Robles, Director of INGUAT.
INGUAT, the Guatemalan Office of Tourism, brings national and international attention to Guatemala's tourism information through this medium by creating a renovated image full of color and a photo gallery with scenic pictures of Guatemala taken by the country's top photographers.
The images, combined with the information in each place, turn into an attractive invitation for everyone that searches for a different type of tourism, in which a visitor can combine adventure and fun with the richness of Mayan culture and legacy yet alive in our country," states Roberto Robles, Director of INGUAT.
com is a marketing platform and part of a series of strategic actions that INGUAT is creating to increase Guatemala's potential tourism in conjunction with a brand that represents the essence of Guatemala, Heart of the Mayan World.
INGUAT provides information to tour operators, travel agents and the general public through Diplomatic Missions.
One of the goals established by INGUAT management is to strengthen the tourism industry of the country by increasing the number of arrivals from priority markets such as the United States, presently Guatemala's second most important tourism partner.
Perhaps the most important aspect of these alliances is that INGUAT has made the cost of travel to Guatemala more affordable for tourists from Europe and North America.
In addition to these alliances, INGUAT has signed a number of cooperation agreements with Latin America airlines COPA, TACA, and Mexicana, who already serve Guatemala.
Together with INGUAT, we are proud to stimulate tourist activity in Guatemala," asserted Roberto Carbone, Vice President for Marketing for TACA.
According to Alejandro Sinibaldi, Director of INGUAT, "These agreements confirm that the country is a first class tourist product.