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Type(pl(i),t) [not equal to] Inhib for all i [member of] {1,2,...,k} (12)
Most chosen facilitating-positive items were "focused," "motivated," "attentive," "reactive," "secure," and "determined," while most identified inhibiting-negative items were "unfocused," "tense," "tired," "distracted," "unsatisfied," and "stressed." A lower number of items were included in the facilitating-negative category (e.g., "focused," "calm," "worried," and "serene"), and in the inhib iting-positive category (e.g., "distracted," "unfocused," "nervous," and "relaxed").
These rules were therefore highly institutionalized -- it was taken for granted that the mine must pass inspection, even if it was only to prevent sanctions that would inhib it Westray from achieving its production and profit goals.
or inhib?)" narrowed the results to 17 references covering the controversial topic of endocrine disrupters.
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Conformational changes of the reactive-centre loop and beta-strand 5A accompany temperature-dependent inhib itor-substrate transition of plasminogen-activator inhibitor 1.
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Defender Colin Murdock has pleaded with the fans to keep the faith as Mowbray bids to mould his side into an even more attractive shape inHibs - Simon Brown, Whittaker, Caldwell, Murdock, Murphy, Scott Brown, Brebner (Shiels 78), Beuzelin, Glass, O'Connor (Riordan 68), McManus (Morrow 68).