INHIGEOInternational Commission on the History of Geological Sciences
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There are two Costa Rican members in INHIGEO (Guillermo E.
Soto could not attend the INHIGEO meeting in Toyohashi (Japan) in August ("Visual Images and Geological Concepts") because of funding problems, but presented an abstract on "The Heredia meteorite (Costa Rica, 1857), the work on meteorites by Ignacy Doineyko and 19th century meteoritics in Spanish Latin America".
Soto could not attend the INHIGEO meeting in Madrid-Almaden (Spain) in July ("History of Research in Mineral Resources") because last minute funding problems, but presented a poster on "Metal mining in Central America (early 1500s--late 1800s)", and sent a paper to be published in the proceedings, that will appear in 2011.