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INIInformation Networking Institute (Carnegie Mellon University)
INIInformation Networking Institute
INIInstituto Nacional Indigenista (National Indigenous Institute; Mexico)
INIInternational Nursing Index
INIIntegrated Networks, Inc. (various locations)
INIInitialize/Initialization/Configuration file (file name extension)
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Hal ini memungkinkan Pan Brothers membebankan fluktuasi biaya ke pelanggan.
We look forward to exchanging ideas, experiences and lessons learned with fellow members of the INI network," he added.
We are highly impressed with the work of INI doo Beograd, and that is why we have expressed our interest for this partnership.
INI has also said it wants Visteon to repay a pounds 88,606.
CCTV footage of the raid and (inset) suspect Ini Allen.
Alabas a Xochitl Galvez la destructora del INI, quien ahora pretende depositar el cadaver de la institucion tutelada por Fernando Benitez y Juan Rulfo en el edificio de las Ajaracas para colocar en la geografia emblematica del Zocalo, el mausoleo del indio vivo (el INI fundado por Alfonso Caso para ser sustituido por una oficina en Los Pinos) frente a las ruinas del indio muerto (Templo Mayor)?
T]he LFFC demonstrates remarkable flexibility in manufacturability and operation with the power output scaling linearly and reproducibly with internal stack volume and active area," said INI president and chief technology officer Larry Markoski.
Since the disappearance of Brothers Robin Lindsay, Francis Tofi, Alfred Hilly, Patteson Gatu, Ini Partabatu and Tony Sirihi, conflicting reports had emerged of their whereabouts.
Web Offset Services consultant Sam Wagner worked with INI and KBA to configure a single-footprint press able to produce more pages and color with fewer people and webs in less space than typical single-width presses.
CONADEPI will have its own budget and decision-making capabilities, in contrast to the INI, which was a unit of the Secretaria de Desarrollo Social (SEDESOL).
Japan's third-largest steelmaker, said Monday it and INI Steel Co.
The only thing missing on the INI website is more up-to-date information and a better navigation bar.