INICIntelligent Network Interface Controller
INICInternational Network of Integrated Care
INICIran Nanotechnology Initiative Council (est. 2003)
INICIntelligent Network Interface Card
INICInternet Network Information Center
INICISDN Network Identification Code
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INCC was established in May 2015 by INIC, Nanopolis Center, and Suzhou Company in order to strengthen cooperation between Iran and China in the field of nanotechnology, research and development, technology transfer, exchange of references, and organization of scientific conferences.
The Council will deal with INIC to attract investors to enter different Iraqi economic fields.
All students whose theses have been certified by the scientific jury of INIC in terms of relevance with nanotechnology could present a paper on their works in one of the aforementioned conferences to be qualified for receiving the INIC's secondary financial supports.
In this visit, the programs, achievements and objectives of nanotechnology development in Iran were explained by the authorities of INIC.
He also appreciated the INIC for its financial support for the patenting process of the novel method, and stated that the INIC's financial incentive policies are most effectively encouraging Iranian inventors to patent their innovations globally.
Head of the Policy-Making Workgroup of the INIC Dr.
The INIC along with five Iranian companies which provide nanotechnology-related products/services, outstood among 350 participant companies (setting up almost 550 exhibition spaces) from 11 different countries.