INICIntelligent Network Interface Controller
INICIran Nanotechnology Initiative Council (est. 2003)
INICInternational Network of Integrated Care
INICIntelligent Network Interface Card
INICInternet Network Information Center
INICISDN Network Identification Code
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The INIC head then noted the good progress in the nanotechnology sector, saying, "We targeted good opportunities that both contributed to the growth of our nano-based economy and increased the reach of our nano exports."
Using Microchip's OS81119 INIC allows customers to simplify the network architecture of automotive in-vehicle infotainment systems by using integrated coaxial physical layer (cPHY), optical physical layer (oPHY), daisy-chain topologies or creative hybrid combinations.
The Council will deal with INIC to attract investors to enter different Iraqi economic fields.
All students whose theses have been certified by the scientific jury of INIC in terms of relevance with nanotechnology could present a paper on their works in one of the aforementioned conferences to be qualified for receiving the INIC's secondary financial supports.
Described as in the ""advanced stages," with "the details C* now under discussion," the value of the contracts is estimated at around $70 billion in projects planned across Iraq, including Baghdad, central Iraq, and in the south, the Gulf News said, quoting Sami Al Araji, chairman of the INIC.
The RT2880 is the industry's first Wireless LAN Intelligent Network Interface Card (iNIC) on a chip.
ere to inic For details on where to meet, contact Dominic Sweeting on 0844 334 5403/07720 808754 or
The minister's meeting with Baroness Nicholson was attended by Industry Minister Fawzi Hariri, Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) Governor Sannan al-Shibi, Iraqi National Investment Commission (INIC) Sami al-Aaraji and a host of British and Iraqi businessmen.AmR (P)/SR
The conference is organized by the University of Isfahan and co-sponsored by the Iranian Nanotechnology Initiative Council (INIC).