INIFDInternational Institute of Fashion Design
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Kamla Poddar Director INIFD said that "These kind of achievements help the students to gain firsthand experience of ever growing Fashion Design Industry and help them in carving a great career for themselves.
Abhishek Poddar, Director KPG, " INIFD,Jaipur has always aimed to give ample chance to the rising talent.
Swati Bhargava Location Head of INIFD - "We always organize these kinds of events to boost the morale of the students and enhance their confidence.
Sanjay Saraswat, INIFD Regional Director, Andhra Pradesh in Hyderabad today.
INIFD is the first educational institute in the world to completely digitize education with the launch of the latest innovation INIFD Design Pad - a first-of-its-kind initiative.
Star Bollywood Designer Ashley Rebello congratulatedINIFD for launching the INIFD Design Pad by completely digitalizing the teaching and learning of Fashion and Design Education.
INIFD Design Pad is a fully customised device for INIFD which is completely made to order and designed both internally and externally as per the brand INIFD colours, logo, graphics etc.
Sanjay Saraswat, INIFD Regional Director, Andhra Pradesh excitedly states, "Imagine the scenario as this unique device INIFD Design Pad will remove the abominable clutter of books and bags by putting online the entire curriculum, fashion news, teacher presentations, etc.
In this new Millennium and new Decade, for the Generation next, books are passe, fashion is on the move, design ideas are fast evolving, INIFD Design Pad has been launched keeping the future perspective and rapidly changing fashion in mind.
No more working alone as whole INIFD curriculum, study E- text books, design softwares, E-Library, instant connect to Facebook, Orkut, Twitter for sharing of ideas instantly and constantly is possible with just a small finger touch.
With the INIFD Design Pad the students have the opportunity to translate the curriculum into Hindi and other languages, thus enabling them to understand their syllabus better.
Tracking assignments, taking notes and studying for finals is just a click away for INIFD students.