INIMInstituto Nacional Isidro Menendez (Spanish: Isidro Menendez National Institute; El Salvador)
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Null hypothesis, InEX, InIM and InGDPC are no cointegration, VAR lag = 5
In 1998, INIM created a program to coordinate and follow up on actions to fight against violence toward women, and in 2001, helped to create the 2001-2006 National Plan of Action for the Prevention of Domestic and Sexual Violence to promote and guide policy for the prevention of violence against women.
Rosa is currently working with the Instituto Nicaraguense de la Mujer (INIM, Nicaraguan Women's Institute) so that the National Program for Gender Equity will incorporate strategies to promote education, comprehensive health, work and citizen's participation among women with disabilities.
Central America Institutional Change in Gender Issues 1990s before 1990s after 1980s IV World IV World Conference Conference Costa Rica 1986: Centro 1997: Instituto de Mujer y Nacional de Familia (CMF las Mujeres (INAMU) 1998: Ministerio de la Condicion de la Mujer El Salvador 1989: Oficina 1996: Instituto de la Mujer del Desarrollo de la Mujer (ISDEMU) Guatemala 1981: Oficina Nacional de la Mujer (ONAM) Honduras 1989: Seccion 1994: Oficina de la Mujer Gubernamental inside the de la Mujer Planning (OGM) Ministry Nicaragua 1982: Instituto 1993: INIM 1998: Ministerio Nicaraguense Re-engineering de la Familia de la Mujer (INIM) Source: PNUD, Estado de la Region, 1999:280.
Included in the booklet are ten characteristics of qilloowawya, as represented in its most important model, the song Inim hama; sources for qilloowawya; the connection with Flathead Indian "Canvas Dance"; the form of one model song; the function, or uses, of qilloowawya in the culture; Great Basin and Plains examples; some useful questions for discussion or to ponder; twentieth-century usages or developments; brief information about the CD selections; selected notated musical examples; and biographical notes, including bios related to the topic from the contributors to the project.
I therefore suggest that mention is here made of offerings presented by this general "at the command of the king (ina INIM [LUGAL [ina INIM is to be read instead of Hunger's ina UGU])...
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2013.--Lidija Cvikic (Uciteljski fakultet, Zagreb) O ovladavanju hrvatskim kao inim jezikom na primjeru istrazivanja izvedenica
NORTHUMBERLAND-based Iain Nicholson Investment Management (INIM) is merging with a South African-owned rival as part of plans to increase its services.