INIRin and Increment Repeat
INIRInternational Network for Innovation Research (Belgium)
INIRIntelligent Information Retrieval
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Paper presented at the Support to Nuclear Power Programmes: INIR Missions and Agency Assistance, Vienna, Austria, September 9.
He further added "the IAEA has dedicated review services in the area of safety and security, and the INIR mission that provides an integrated review of all infrastructure needed for introducing nuclear power.
INIR missions are designed to assist IAEA Member States to assess the status of the national infrastructure needed for introducing nuclear power.
Benjamin Nyarko, Director General of the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission and Vice Chairman of the Ghana Nuclear Power Programme Organization, welcomed the outcome of the INIR mission.
Through the integrated work plan, the IAEA continues its valuable assistance for the implementation of the INIR mission recommendations.
Besides the UAE, the IAEA has despatched similar INIR missions to other countries like Jordan, Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia.
The INIR mission reviewed the status of 19 nuclear power programme infrastructure issues using the IAEA Nuclear Energy Series Technical Report (NG-T-3.
The INIR Mission was conducted in a cooperative and open atmosphere with participation from various involved organizations in the UAE," Mr Park said.
The mission in Kazakhstan is the 21st IAEA INIR mission since their launch in 2009, following 16 full and 4 follow-up missions conducted in 14 countries.
The 10-person INIR team - comprising experts from Slovenia, the United Kingdom and the IAEA - highlighted areas where further action would benefit Malaysia, including:
Access to secure, sustainable and affordable energy is of prime importance for socioeconomic development," said Dohee Hahn, Director of the IAEA's Division of Nuclear Power, at the official opening of the INIR Mission.
Not only lectures were included in the programme, but practical training as well, such as the unique NKM Business Simulation Game, where participants experienced on their own cost the need of knowledge preservation and sharing among nuclear industry stakeholders; and a group project called "Infrastructure Development" where the trainees were brainstorming solutions to overcome the main problems in development of nuclear infrastructure issues, such as national position, management, legal framework, regulatory framework and human resource development the ones which more commonly have recommendations during the IAEA Integrated Nuclear Infrastructure Review missions according to the six years of experience in INIR (TECDOC No.